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The Exec Summary

I am a Behavioural Insights Strategist which means I help companies use insights about human behaviour to design their strategy.

I have worked in consumer insights for 15 years, and 10 years of that as a behavioural science specialist. My academic expertise is in consumer behaviour, linguistics and cultural psychology.


Before becoming an independent consultant, I spent 8 years as the co-founder of a London-based insights consultancy working with global brands on branding, communications, and product/service development projects.

The Long Read

By understanding human behaviour, companies can make their products, services and marketing more effective but getting the insights you need out of the data you have is complex and can be daunting. You need a way to structure your data to make it manageable – and an understanding of behavioural science provides that.

As a behavioural insights strategist, my expertise is in making the science of human behaviour accessible, relevant and actionable. I solve difficult puzzles to help companies reach their goals through behaviour change. If you have an outcome in mind, I can work out what behaviours you need to change, and how best to do it.

After a decade at the helm the pioneering behavioural insights consultancy I co-founded, I now work with companies across industries to guide them on behaviour change and behavioural design. My academic background in marketing, linguistics and cross-cultural psychology gives me a deep understanding of how to apply the latest findings on human behaviour and, being an entrepreneur, I’m focused on the practical applications.

I'm also a certified member of the Global Association for Applied Behavioral Science (GAABS) for qualified individuals and organisations with an established track record and demonstrated commitment to behavioural science.



  • Behavioural analysis & design

  • Consumer insights & market research

  • Cultural understanding

  • Desk research & trends

  • Branding & marketing strategy

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About me

academic background

My academic background includes three MSc degrees in different areas: Marketing, Linguistics and Cross-Cultural Psychology.


Together, the degrees have covered:

  • consumer behaviour 

  • cognitive sociolinguistics

  • anthropological linguistics

  • cognitive and social psychology through a cultural lens

  • research methods (qualitative and quantitative)

  • statistics and theory of science

I have also published two papers and presented at several academic conferences during the time I was briefly a PhD candidate at University of Turku.

Brunel University London

United Kingdom

MSc Cross-Cultural Psychology


Modules included:

  • Foundations of Cross-Cultural Psychology

  • Evolutionary Psychology

  • Research Methods and Statistics for Psychology

MSc dissertation:

"Understanding the effect of subjective time perception on implicit reaction time methodologies"


MSc Language, Discourse & Communication

My studies comprised European Social Research Council accredited researcher training and modules in anthropological linguistics and social psychology in cross-cultural contexts (the latter module taken at the London School of Economics).

The researcher training included:

  • Qualitative and quantitative methods (advanced statistics)

  • Research planning and management

  • Theories of social science

MSc dissertation:

Research project topic, ‘Mediating measurement and meaning’ focused on
understanding the challenges involved in translating questionnaires in multi-country projects
from the translator’s perspective using a mixed methods approach which included interviews,
focus groups and quantitative online surveys.


King's College London

United Kingdom

BSc & MSc Marketing and Business Administration

In Finland, BSc and MSc degrees are typically completed as a single degree in one major and a couple of minors. 

Studies included:

  • Marketing, Advertising and Corporate Communication 

  • European Languages and Intercultural Communication 

  • Research methods and statistics training

  • Foundations in Business Law, Accounting, 

MSc dissertation:

Celebrity endorsement as a form of brand alliance. Case: Jamie Oliver and Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd.

(published in a peer reviewed journal, with 264 citations and 24000 downloads since 2010, AltMetric page) DOWNLOAD 

BA (Hons) Public Relations (2nd year)

Leeds Metropolitan University, UK (2003-2004)

Studied as a part of BSc/MSc Marketing at Turku School of Economics. I also completed a one-year internship working at Sainsbury’s Supermarkets as a public relations assistant.

2000-2003, 2005-2006

Turku Business School


academic bg

professional training

Research methods

  • Observation in Ethnographic Practice (EPIC/ethnography in business organisation, 2021) 

  • Systematic Literature Review (Coventry University online course, 2021)

  • Critical Appraisal (UCL short courses, 2015)

  • Analysis of Variance (UCL short courses, 2015)
  • International PhD Summer School (International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology, 2011)
  • Qualitative Analysis (Market Research Society, 2011)

  • Semiotics (Association for Qualitative Research, 2011)

  • Introduction to Qualitative Research (Market Research Society, 2011)

  • Refining Skills in Statistical Methods (Market Research Society, 2010)

  • Moderating Skills  (Market Research Society, 2010)

Professional skills

  • Social Norms, Social Change I (by University of Pennsylvania & Unicef/Coursera, 2024)

  • Social Norms, Social Change II (by University of Pennsylvania & Unicef/Coursera, 2024)

  • Changing behaviour in systems (UCL Centre for Behaviour Change, 2022)

  • Inspiring Change 2.0 (The Centre for Implementation, 2021)

  • Anthropology: Understanding Societies and Cultures (University of Newcastle, online course, 2021)

  • Design Thinking - Beginner's Guide (The Interaction Design Foundation, 2021)

  • Service Design Masterclass (KOOS Service Design, 2020)

  • Get Creative With People to Solve Problems (Institute of Coding online course, 2020)
  • Develop Your Cultural Intelligence (Purdue University, online course, 2020)

  • LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method Facilitator (Association of Master Trainers, 2019)

  • Coaching and Communication Skills (Market Research Society, 2016)



Journal articles

Halonen, E. (2013) “Mirror, mirror, on the wall – which brand is like me, most of all? Integrating consumers into brand personality measurement”. International Journal of Market Research, Vol.55, No. 1.

”Jamie Oliver at Sainsbury’s – analysis of a brand alliance” (2011) Strategic Direction, Vol. 27, No 2. (review journal). A review of the below paper in a journal directed at marketing practitioners.

Halonen-Knight, E. & Hurmerinta, L. (2010) “Who endorses whom? Meaning transfer in celebrity endorsement”. Journal of Product and Brand Management, Vol. 19, No. 6, pp.452 – 460.

Conference presentations

  • Caldwell, L. & Halonen, E. (2012) “JDM for dummies: turning decision research into practical tools for marketers”, Annual Conference of Society for Judgment and Decision Making, Minneapolis, USA. (Poster)

  • Caldwell, L. & Halonen, E. (2012) “Sunk cost fallacy: psychological causes and economic effects”, TIBER XI Symposium on Behavioural Economics, Tilburg, The Netherlands. (Poster)

  • Caldwell, L. & Halonen, E. (2012) “Sunk cost effect: psychological, cultural, or just economically rational?”, 30th International Congress of Psychology, Cape Town, South Africa.

  • Halonen, E. (2012) “Self-construals, consumer need for uniqueness, and self-brand congruence”, 30th International Congress of Psychology, Cape Town, South Africa.

  • Caldwell, L. &  Halonen, E. (2012) “Sunk cost effect: psychological, cultural, or just economically rational?” International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology 21st International Congress, Stellenbosch, South Africa.

  • Halonen, E. (2012) “Self-construals, consumer need for uniqueness, and self-brand congruence”,  International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology 21st International Congress,  Stellenbosch, South Africa.

  • Kende, J. &  Halonen E. (2012) “Window to the global mind: cross-cultural differences and similarities in Google searches”, International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology 21st, International Congress, Stellenbosch, South Africa.

  • Caldwell, L. &  Halonen, E. (2012) “Sunk cost effect: psychological, cultural, or just economically rational?”, International Conference on Thinking 2012, London, UK.

  • Halonen-Knight, E. & Hurmerinta, L. (2011) “Managing celebrity endorsement as a strategic brand alliance”, 1st International Colloquium on Corporate Identity, Zürich, Switzerland.

  • Halonen-Knight, E. & Hurmerinta, L. (2009) “Celebrity endorsement – a form of brand alliance?”5th International Brand Identity and Corporate Reputation Conference, Cambridge, UK.

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