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My academic background includes three MSc degrees in different areas: Marketing, Linguistics and Cross-Cultural Psychology.


Together, the degrees have covered:

  • consumer behaviour 

  • cognitive sociolinguistics

  • anthropolofical linguistics

  • cognitive and social psychology through a cultural lens

  • research methods (qualitative and quantitative)

  • statistics and theory of science

I have also published two papers and presented at several academic conferences during the time I was briefly a PhD candidate at University of Turku.

Brunel University London

United Kingdom

MSc Cross-Cultural Psychology


Modules included:

  • Foundations of Cross-Cultural Psychology

  • Evolutionary Psychology

  • Research Methods and Statistics for Psychology

MSc dissertation:

"Understanding the effect of subjective time perception on implicit reaction time methodologies"


MSc Language, Discourse & Communication

My studies comprised European Social Research Council accredited researcher training and modules in anthropological linguistics and social psychology in cross-cultural contexts (the latter module taken at the London School of Economics).

The researcher training included:

  • Qualitative and quantitative methods (advanced statistics)

  • Research planning and management

  • Theories of social science

MSc dissertation:

Research project topic, ‘Mediating measurement and meaning’ focused on
understanding the challenges involved in translating questionnaires in multi-country projects
from the translator’s perspective using a mixed methods approach which included interviews,
focus groups and quantitative online surveys.


King's College London

United Kingdom

BSc & MSc Marketing and Business Administration

In Finland, BSc and MSc degrees are typically completed as a single degree in one major and a couple of minors. 

Studies included:

  • Marketing, Advertising and Corporate Communication 

  • European Languages and Intercultural Communication 

  • Research methods and statistics training

  • Foundations in Business Law, Accounting, 

MSc dissertation:

Celebrity endorsement as a form of brand alliance. Case: Jamie Oliver and Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd.

(published in a peer reviewed journal, with 264 citations and 24000 downloads since 2010, AltMetric page) DOWNLOAD 

BA (Hons) Public Relations (2nd year)

Leeds Metropolitan University, UK (2003-2004)

Studied as a part of BSc/MSc Marketing at Turku School of Economics. I also completed a one-year internship working at Sainsbury’s Supermarkets as a public relations assistant.

2000-2003, 2005-2006

Turku Business School


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