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how we work

There are many ways to apply behavioural science - the optimal approach for it varies from one organisation to another, and from one situation to the next which is why we tailor our approach to each client's needs.


While off-the-shelf solutions are easier to talk about, they are primarily designed to create efficiencies for the service provider by squeezing a client's problem to their template even though humans are complex, the real world is messy and each organisation's situation is unique.  

To understand how we typically work, it's best to start from our approach because services and examples are structured in the same way.

We also do public speaking engagements and bespoke knowledge sharing sessions.

What Our Clients Say

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Our market research group, at a US pharma company, talked with a large number of behavioral science professionals and happily connected with Elina. We were looking for an SME who could take the tenets of behavioral science and apply them to pharmaceutical market research, at a level that our team could easily understand, and that would seamlessly mesh with other findings from the same study. Elina delivered that, and more.


Her contribution to the project was invaluable from a content standpoint, and working with her was a pleasure. Elina is flexible, responsive, and her deliverables are spot-on. I look forward to getting the change to work with Elina again!

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