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how we work

There are many ways to apply behavioural science - the optimal approach for it varies from one organisation to another, and from one situation to the next which is why we tailor our approach to each client's needs.


While off-the-shelf solutions are easier to talk about, they are primarily designed to create efficiencies for the service provider by squeezing a client's problem to their template even though humans are complex, the real world is messy and each organisation's situation is unique.  

Behavioural Science can help you with strategy when...

You want to solve problems with the scientific method and fuse insights about human behaviour into business processes at an earlier, foundational stage  - not just execution or tactics when the Big Idea is already set in stone - and across all stages of the process. This could be described as being close to internal consulting rather than a narrow focus. 

Potential services: 

  • Behavioural Blueprint to map current gaps and opportunities

  • Competitor and landscape analysis for your product, service or comms from a BeSci perspective 

  • Fractional services (e.g. before you make a permanent BeSci hire)

  • In-company training 

  • Coaching - sparring and support for those who are more advanced in BeSci

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Behavioural Science can help you design when...

You are in the process of building a solution for a business need and want to use a behaviourally informed design approach - starting from the human need behind a product or service. Here, behavioural science can help you with observing and analysing people’s behaviour to understand their motivations and frustrations, as well as optimise the product or service to meet those needs.

Potential services: 

  • Psychological customer journeys (triggers, touchpoints, experience gaps etc.)

  • Psychological personas

  • Empathy maps and decision pathways

  • Mental ecosystem audits

  • Behavioural listening/discourse analysis applied to e.g. transcripts

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Behavioural Science can help you audit when...

You reach the end of a creative process for a product, service or a piece of communications and want to make sure the outcome is human-centric. Here, behavioural insights can help evaluate the outputs through a psychological lens and provide recommendations for making them more human friendly while achieving the desired business outcomes. Typical challenges include optimising marketing efforts, recruitment and application processes as well as service blueprints - particularly to identifying inadvertent friction, "sludges" or dark patterns that might have a negative impact on the business. 

Potential services: 

  • Behavioural design consultancy to audit bottlenecks

  • Behavioural copy and design audit 

  • Service blueprint evaluation through a BeSci lens 

  • Behavioural Blueprint with e.g. internal data 

  • Service scenario auditing/Service Safari/mystery shopping 

  • Improving forms and unbiasing research methods 

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Behavioural Science can help you troubleshoot when...

You have  “last mile issues” such as lagging sales, low conversion rates, lapsing customers. In these cases, you might be looking at challenges such as compliance, switching, following through on intentions and actively choosing a behaviour.

Potential services: 

  • Behavioural Blueprint - analysing existing secondary data to create a map of the target behaviour and its influences, as well as recommendations for changing the behaviour

  • Behavioural Listening - deep analysis of e.g. transcripts (customer conversations, interviews etc.) 

  • Behavioural Hacks - quick overview of situation through a behavioural lens and small changes to implement and test 

  • Working with a research partner as an advisor where the project is focused on these types of questions, contributing to all stages of research as desired 

Four ways we can help you

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When people think of applied behavioural science, typical case studies are about solving problems (Troubleshoot) and influencing behaviour through choice architecture, or improving existing products and services through a BeSci lens (Audit).  


Further upstream, behavioural science is (Design) is also used to shape  the development of products, services and communciations. As the field has matured, more holistic and systematic approaches are becoming more popular (Strategy) - in this ideal situation, behavioural science is applied throughout the whole process. 

Read more about this process here

We have aligned our services to these four main ways to use behavioural science in practice.

Fractional Services can cover some or all of these as needed, and coaching or

in-company training can also be tailored to cover one or more of the stages.

Case studies are being written at the moment - if you would like to hear examples, please get in touch!

What Our Clients Say

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Our market research group, at a US pharma company, talked with a large number of behavioral science professionals and happily connected with Elina. We were looking for an SME who could take the tenets of behavioral science and apply them to pharmaceutical market research, at a level that our team could easily understand, and that would seamlessly mesh with other findings from the same study. Elina delivered that, and more.


Her contribution to the project was invaluable from a content standpoint, and working with her was a pleasure. Elina is flexible, responsive, and her deliverables are spot-on. I look forward to getting the change to work with Elina again!

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