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I got a new laptop in the Black Friday sales and in the process of switching over, I discovered that I have over 2000 scientific articles saved in various folders and external drives.

That’s right: 2000.

I wish I could say I’ve read all of them but I haven’t – I just have a slight knowledge hoarding issue which expresses itself in a laptop full of academic papers, an expensive Kindle account and heaving bookshelves.

I typically look for one paper online and accidentally download 10, because they all looked interesting and might be useful one day – it just happens that one day never arrives because reading that particular article wasn’t urgent.

I really WANT to read them, but… intentions are difficult to implement. To bridge the gap to action, we often need various decision crutches and support systems. In my case, I might need a bit more than a crutch – more like the ratchet of a public commitment.

So, in anticipation of January and its New Year’s Resolutions, I’m launching a weekly newsletter that will summarise the insights of 3 papers or book chapters every week starting from 1st January 2021. The selection will vary - some weeks will be like a box of Christmas chocolates, and others will have a theme so that we also leverage variable rewards...

I’d like to invite as many people as possible as my accountability buddies to help me plough through my backlog of knowledge and deepen their knowledge of behavioural science with me.

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The Small Print:

1. Newsletters will contain up to 3 summaries and occasionally a couple of links to good online articles or a blog post from me at the end of the email. Main focus is on the research summaries.

2. I'll keep your email safe.

3. If I ever miss the deadline, I will add one article for every day I am late - and you can email me to nudge if that happens!


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