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The Handbook of Health Behavior Change

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The Handbook of Health Behavior Change

The Handbook of Health Behavior Change, Fifth Edition, is the gold standard textbook for understanding and promoting health behavior change. This revised and updated edition provides a comprehensive review of health behavior change theories, research methodologies, and intervention strategies across a range of populations, age groups, and health conditions. It examines numerous, complex, and often co-occurring factors that can both positively and negatively influence people's ability to change behaviors to enhance their health.

The book offers an updated review of the evidence base for novel and well-supported behavioral interventions and provides practical, empirically based information and tools for behavior change. It also focuses on robust behavior theories, multiple contexts of health behaviors, and the role of technology in health behavior change. New content includes chapters on Sun Protection, Interventions With the Family System, and the Role of Technology in Behavior Change, as well as increased focus on innovations in technology in relation to health behavior change research and interventions.

The Handbook of Health Behavior Change, Fifth Edition, is a valuable resource for students at the graduate and advanced undergraduate level in the fields of public or population health, medicine, behavioral science, health communications, medical sociology and anthropology, preventive medicine, and health psychology. It also is a great reference for clinical investigators, behavioral and social scientists, and healthcare practitioners who grapple with the challenges of supporting individuals, families, and systems when trying to make impactful health behavior change. The book is organized to facilitate curriculum development and includes tools to assist course instructors, including learning objectives for each chapter.

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