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This Miro Board is designed to help teams understand how to use a behavioural science framework like COM-B and the Behavior Change Wheel. The board is meant to be a guide and it should be modified depending on your team, your opportunity, your maturity and your organization.

BCW reference tool - from diagnosis to BCTs

This Miro board brings together different elements of the Behaviour Change Wheel by connecting barriers from the Behavioural Diagnosis stage to Intervention Strategies and Implementation Strategies, as well as Behaviour Change Techniques. The goal is to create an accessible, free to use reference tool for behaviour change practitioners who are already familiar with the BCW.

Have you ever wondered how all the heuristics and biases fit together with using the COM-B model?


I've created a Miro board to start mapping them out - originally I created a shorter list when a client asked me this question some years ago, and I thought it would be good to make this "v1 thinking" public and get other people's thoughts on it too to lean on the wisdom of crowds.

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