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I am currently developing an online version of this workshop I have previously given face-to-face as a one-day session:

Workshop: How to Use Behavioural Science in Market Research

Customised training session for your team -  designed to help them apply this knowledge in their work by providing them with behavioural lenses to enhance research methods and analysis, as well as making the research more impactful.

After the training, you will be able to…

  1. Discuss behavioural science confidently with clients
  2. Spot opportunities for behavioural science in client briefs and incorporate it in proposals
  3. Minimize biases in the research process and design an approach that is based on an accurate model of the human mind
  4. Recognize behavioural science concepts and phenomena when analyzing data
  5. Help clients adopt new perspectives to solve their challenges with behavioural lenses

What’s included:

  • Material is structured around a typical stages research project so that you can easily apply the right knowledge in the right place (see flow diagram bel0w)
  • Tailored exercises that are based on your projects because being familiar with the examples makes learning more relevant and effective
  • Interactive teaching with Zoom breakout rooms, gamified quizzes and digital whiteboard exercises
  • 2 x 4h sessions, either on consecutive days or with homework in between to supercharge learning (up to 12 participants, who work in small teams)
  • Comprehensive handout to deepen learning after training session, and a virtual clinic for any follow-up questions

Why train with me?

  • Unlike much of the behavioural science training available elsewhere, my workshop is based on years of experience of doing this work as a co-founder of one of the first behavioural insights consultancies in the UK
  • Examples are adapted to the MR industry and exercises are based on your past projects are much more effective than using generic briefs or proposals – teams will be able to see their work through new eyes immediately
  • Instead of sending individual team members on generic BehSci/consumer psychology courses, your whole team can learn together and speak a common language after the training
    I believe that one day is not enough to teach you what you need to effectively apply this knowledge, so the course includes a leave-behind document you can deepen your learning long after the training day

For more details on content, format, pricing or specific tailoring to your work, please contact me: or +31 6 21415 495.

Flow of the training session: