What I can help you with

Some ideas on what I could help you with but we can discuss more creative options too - get in touch and we can chat.

Cultural psychology consultancy:

If you are running an international research project or designing an intervention that might benefit from mapping out the cultural factors impacting people’s decision making… you’re describing my dream project. Click here and let’s talk!

Literature reviews:

The most comprehensive I have ever done for a client was over 30,000 words on branding, customer experience and consumer decision-making and eventually became an internal behavioural science handbook for that global client – but I have also conducted small ones for the purposes of market research projects on smaller topics such as  habit formation in the context of technology, the psychology of joy and disgust and financial decision making.

Thought-leadership, workshops and training:

Many companies want to stand out by creating quality content – only to realise that they don’t have enough time to invest in thought-leadership whilst also delivering fast-paced, demanding projects. That’s something I can help with as I have gleaned lots of experience on both writing articles and thought pieces as well as putting together conference talks, not to mention watching hundreds of talks by other people at conferences over the past 10 years. I can also train a team to increase their understanding of behavioural science and help them to ‘own’ this new knowledge to apply it in their daily work life.

Designing and supporting research projects (qual and quant):

A big part of my role at my former company was developing innovative research approaches so I would love to put my knowledge to good use and help other people make their methods more effective, in light of what we know about how humans make decisions. I can make brainstorming easier with my wide toolbox of ideas gathered from collaborating with suppliers and learning about cutting-edge research technology at conferences.