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Here you can find some podcasts I have been invited on - if you'd like me to come to yours, I'm all ears!

Behaviour Change Marketing Bootcamp - How to use the COM_B Behaviour Change Framework with Elina Halonen

This episode welcomes Elina Halonen, behavioural science advisor at Square Peg Insight to talk about her favourite tool for thinking behaviour change framework COM-B.  Elina’s experience draws from 20 years market research with 10 years within behavioural science space, she uses COM-B on her projects with public sector and commercial organisations. Elina highlights the importance of defining the problem and defining the audience and however tempting it is not to skip past this – BEFORE using COM-B..

Day One Podcast - Elina Halonen on Propelling innovation by eliminating secrecy & proprietary information

Our guest on this episode is Elina Halonen, a behavioural insights strategist. Elina joins us on the Room 101 podcast to share what things in the industry she’d like to see banished to Room 101 forever. The main pet peeves Elina describes are: the shiny, shiny syndrome, proprietary methods, and a lack of knowledge of the history of market research. Elina provides meaningful criticism during our conversation, and we hope you enjoy it.

The Human Risk Podcast - Elina Halonen on how context influences behaviour
How do differences in context, impact behaviour? That’s what my guest on this episode, Behavioural Scientist Elina Halonen, has been exploring as part of her work on behavioural change projects. As she explains, much of the study of behavioural science has been driven by research and the experience of people in so-called WEIRD - that’s Western, educated, industrialized, rich and democratic - countries. Yet, a large percentage of the world’s population doesn’t live in that type of environment. The culture we live in, the language we speak, and other contextual elements, can all impact how we make decisions. That matters if we're trying to understand and influence others. What might it, for example, mean for companies who try to impose global standards or cultures? Elina is also a keen dog lover and discovered, as she was training her dogs, that it had a lot in common with the ways we try to influence human decision-making. We also explore that, and what it has in common with cross-cultural psychology.

The Brainy Business podcast - Ep. 188 Behavioral Blueprint, including COM-B and MOVE models with Elina Halonen
On this show, we talk a little about the COM-B and MOVE models, as well as Elina pre-committing to us all that she is going to write a book, called the Behavioural Blueprint! COM-B is for: Capability, Opportunity, Motivation, and Behavior. MOVE is for: Meanings, Observations, Viewpoints, and Experiences. We dive into what these models mean, a couple of examples, and so many other great topics!

Questioning Behaviour - Ep.6 Behavioural Science is WEIRD
Sarah Bowen and Merle van den Akker interview Elina Halonen on how behavioural science research is conducted and its emphasis on the WEIRD countries.

How Sh*t Gets Made by Mindspark Research - Ep.2 Falling Through the MRx/UXr Looking Glass
Elina Halonen talks to Alicia and Nikki about the parallels and differences between market research and user experience research across the globe.

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