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fractional services

Now launching: fractional services!

Starting from October 2022, we are formally opening up our fractional services to a broader audience after working with select organisations behind the scenes in the past two years. 

What are fractional services?

A fractional services contract allows a company to access to an experienced professional on a short-term contract for a “fraction” of the workweek. Fractional services are typically offered by a experienced professionals who join an organization on a temporary, contractual basis for a fraction of the week (10-20h) and are usually hired by small to mid-sized companies that don’t have the budget to hire someone full-time. Fractional CMO and CTO services have grown over the past couple of years and have become increasingly popular but it hasn't entered the field of applied behavioural science - until now!

Why fractional BeSci services might be right for your organisation

Like fractional CMO or CTO services, hiring a fractional Behavioural Scientist is:

  • Cost efficient: No hiring cost, no bonuses, no holidays or sick leaves paid.

  • Flexible terms and no long-term commitment: Different models of engagement can dynamically adjust the level of involvement to the company's needs

  • Immediate availability: It can take months to fulfil a full-time behavioural scientist position - fractional services can help you faster.

There are also some additional benefits in the case of applied behavioural science:

  • Appropriate for stage of adoption: A full-time role may not be warranted yet if, for example, the organisation is in very early stages of adopting BeSci or there isn't enough work yet for a full-time person

  • Affordable access to expertise: A fractional behavioural scientist allows even smaller companies to “rent” the services of an experienced professional without having to “buy” them at a price they might not yet afford

  • On-demand support: Advice when and where you need it - no need for a lengthy process of briefing agencies or freelancers for separate projects - a fractional BeSci professional is also familiar with your organisation and can assist without lengthy introductions because they are already familiar with your business

Example of how a fractional Behavioural Scientist could help your organisation

There are many ways to apply behavioural science - the optimal approach for it varies from one organisation to another, and from one situation to the next which is why fractional services should be tailored to each organisations needs. When working with external consultants, standalone projects typically focus on 1-2 of the stages of applying behavioural science in organisations (see below) whereas fractional services can support your organisation every step of the way in an effective and cost efficient way. Read more on How We Work.

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Special application: recruitment support 

Using fractional services can also help to minimise the risk in hiring: there are many different specialisms and knowledge domains within applied behavioural science and often it's not entirely clear what the organisation's needs are before they have started applying behavioural science with the help of a full-time hire. If there is little existing understanding of the broader field of BeSci disciplines, it can be challenging to map out what the role should include and what exact capabilities are needed which can lead to the difficult situation where the first full-time hire does not reflect the organisation's needs in the long-term. With the help of a fractional BeSci consultant, a company can explore the different ways in which the permanent role should be shaped and how the job description should be written to attract the right talent, with the goal of assisting the company in the recruitment process of the full-time hire. ​

Interested or want to hear more? Let's talk - book an introductory call or email us to discover if fractional services are right for you!

What Our Clients Say

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Our market research group, at a US pharma company, talked with a large number of behavioral science professionals and happily connected with Elina. We were looking for an SME who could take the tenets of behavioral science and apply them to pharmaceutical market research, at a level that our team could easily understand, and that would seamlessly mesh with other findings from the same study. Elina delivered that, and more.


Her contribution to the project was invaluable from a content standpoint, and working with her was a pleasure. Elina is flexible, responsive, and her deliverables are spot-on. I look forward to getting the change to work with Elina again!

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